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Here a new approach to strategic (knowledge)management will be revealed. The use of brackets is intentional since »knowledge management« is a tautology, at least according to Peter Drucker's definition: »management is the application of knowledge to knowledge«.
Thus in the following we will concentrate on knowledge, or rather: on a qualitative variety of the same, which is of enormous significance to strategic management and the creation of organisations.
»Scientia et potentia humana in idem coincidunt«: Francis Bacon's famous quotation became a dictum in the translation »knowledge is power«. Indeed positions of knowledge determine the capacity to act and thus the potential for success both of and in organisations.
Thus Neuberger distinguishes between three faces of power with regard to the distribution of knowledge.
– The first one is characterized by open confrontation: ...this way to the complete text (HTML) or  download (PDF, 266 KB) of the article.











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